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These articles were written to help children - particularly those with Special Educational Needs.


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Learn to Relax Cautionary Tales Safe Choices Finding the Key Ready for the Next Step Controlling Explosions

Teaching relaxation techniques to children

Summer 2004

Teaching young people about the dangers of alcohol.

March 2007

Helping children's transition from primary to secondary school.

July 2007

Teaching anger management to children

May 2007

Helping children become socially integrated and raising their self-esteem.

September 2007

Teaching social safety to children

January 2007

School - no fear!

Helping children overcome school phobia

November 2007


Combating ill feelings You've got a friend

Understanding glandular fever and ME and what teachers and friends can do to help a child with debilitating fatigue.

January 2008

Helping young adults make friends

March 2008

On the streets


September 2008

Cross Words Not in isolation


November 2008

Swearing in school

January 2009

Expressing Feelings

May 2009

Expressing Feelings Scoring Goals

Scoring Goals

September 2009