Márianna Csóti

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Young Adults

ISBN 1860833810


First and Best in Education Ltd. 78 Pages, £15.95

This is a course in assertiveness training aimed at young adults of 16+. It imparts an understanding of assertion, the benefits it can bring and how it affects our lives, so developing a deeper understanding of relationships and facilitating more meaningful, open and honest communication.


The photocopiable book contains assertiveness skills related to personal, social and health education, relevant to all young people. Hints are given to help the teacher create the right sort of environment for discussions into what are often quite personal issues and practise sheets are provided which can be photocopied and used as homework or class discussion - in groups, in pairs or individually.


Topics covered in the book include: communicating feelings, resolving conflict, self-esteem, your rights, giving and receiving criticism, body language and saying no.


Caroline Hensby - www.adders.org



'For most people communicating effectively is easy they have no problem in making themselves understood by others but for those with Autistic Spectrum Disorders this does not come naturally and needs to be taught.'


'Through this book the author offers ways to help to teach these things and to help the students to identify and overcome such problems which can then enable them to gain the skills needed to take part in activities and conversations and to understand things from others points of view and understand some of the humour which is used by people on a daily basis which they have not understood before.'


'The author breaks down these skills into manageable chunks so that these students can learn how to fit easier into the society in which they live and work and offers advice on how to teach these important skills.'


'A great book for all those who live and work with children and young people with these disorders who want to help them to reach their full potential.'



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